Help Temple Oseh Shalom
while you do your shopping!

We are excited to announce that we have arranged for a special relationship with Temple Oseh Shalom will receive a percentage of the sale price for all items purchased by our members through the link at the bottom of this page..
For us to qualify for the referral fee you must do the following:
  • Go to's web site by using the links below.
  • Your purchase must be made in the same session as your initial access.
    • (You cannot go back at a later time unless you use one of these links!)
  • Your purchase must be made within 24 hours of clicking the above link.
It's the easy way to help us while you do what you would do anyway.

There is no extra charge to you.
All of's special offers (i.e. free shipping) still apply.
The entire range of products is available.
Refer your friends and neighbors to this site for even greater benefits to the temple.