It is funny that day by day nothing appears to changes, but when you look back everything is different.

Many of you have acted positively and quickly to personally ensure the future of our eleven year old TOS congregation.  Thank you.

How can I possibly adequately express my gratitude and admiration to all of you who have chosen to “Pay It Forward?”  When I had the opportunity to read the list published in the July Shofar of those of you who responded positively to the “Pay It Forward” request, I was overwhelmed.  I cannot, however, say that I was very surprised.  You have all demonstrated, time and time again, that TOS holds a very significant place in your personal Jewish spiritual life.

Our Congregation today is essentially what you have all created it to be. May we continue to grow and be a force for good in our Lowcountry community.   May we always have the funds available to give to those who are in need of our assistance.  May we always be cognizant of the importance of the State of Israel as we continue to offer our strong support for its existence as a safe homeland for Jews all over the world.  May we continue to hold Temple Oseh Shalom dear to our hearts and help it to continue to thrive.

As you are enjoying the beautiful summer days that God has given us, may you have the opportunity to create a good balance in your life.

Feed your soul, Fuel your body, and Expand your mind

Each one of you can make a big difference.  Please make it a goal to strive to be a blessing to someone today.

Thank you for your generosity.  I remain very grateful.


Deena Chontow