There is no way to get from here to there except by joining hands, marching together.    Part II

The Annual Meeting is over and a new TOS Board of Directors has been elected.  The members are ready and eager to serve. They have agreed to accept the challenge to join hands and march forward into our congregation’s bright future together.  An anonymous wise person once said, “The only way to predict our future is to create it.”  So let’s get busy and do it.  The future started again on May 21 and we must not be late. 

Temple Oseh Shalom is alive and well and continues to thrive.  We are fortunate to have spiritual leaders that come to us monthly.  Each of them strives to inspire us to be comfortable with our Jewish heritage.  We are blessed that they both lead us in prayer as well as teach us to honor the special beauty of our religion and customs.   Most of all, we are continually challenged as individuals to strive to do our share of mitzvot.  Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is an honorable goal that we have adopted in collaboration with our friends at the Lowcountry Presbyterian Church.

There are so many ways to work for the stability of our congregation.  Please volunteer when you are called upon.  In addition, I hope that you will consider the benefits of the concept of “Paying It Forward.”   If you are able to add a few dollars to your annual dues or to any personal donation, our congregation will remain stable and your Board of Directors will be able to continue to bring our very own outstanding religious leaders to Bluffton.   In addition, what a joy it will be to have the ability to plan special events for our congregation throughout the year as a special thank you for your membership.

Most of all, I thank you for your support and confidence.  It will be my great honor to serve as your president for one more year.  Let’s pay tribute to and celebrate TOS.

Thank you,


Deena Chontow